Monday, 25 June 2007

Preaching?or Plain Robbery?

"What is the world turning into?"
You can imagine that the reason for this rhetorical question is always another bizzare , unbelievable story or event. This time i said that to a friend was after listening to her recount a story that had happened to her sister(don't mind the distance from the actual person that had the experience) at a bus stop.

We were standing at the bus stop one monday morning when i commented on how much "safer" it was to board a bus at the bus stop as against the ones that stop on the road, endangering one to the risk of the "last-chance" buses.That was when my friend replied saying that there was no difference in the chances of risk one can encounter.

We argued back and forth until she told me this story am about to tell that changed my opinion.

Her friend was in a particular area and boarded a bus to get home, she actually,like me, preferred to board buses at the bus stop.Slowly, the bus became full and then it was time to take off. The conductor collected his fare and the driver started the engine, the journey began.

Not so much as 30 minutes into a less than 2hrs journey, a man stood up and began to preach something about how all were condenmed to hell if they failed to surrender their lives to God.He went on and on and on until he finally came to the end of the sermon with a supposed alter call for sinnners that wanted to become born-again and get to heaven.Of course, during the course of all the sermons and preaching and alter-calling, some of the passengers just sat uptight, some slept through it, others just sat, indifferent or lost in thought

Barely 5 mins later, the 'preacher' called for offerings with the traditional "offering time-blessing-blessing time" call. A couple of people began mumuring with one woman actually speaking loud enough to catch everyone's attention, saying the man was only using the whole preaching thing as an avenue to beg and collect money from peopla after psyching them.

While she was still speaking and gaining some supporters, two men , also dressed like our preacher, stood up (one from the extreme end and the other from just behind the driver) and one of them said loudly, interrupting our dear advocate of justice, "do you people want to bring out the money willingly or do you want it to be done by force?"

As he said that, the other man brought out a gun. All this time, the preacher brought out a bag and began passing it around with the man with the gun scrutinizing the money as it came out, barking comments like "is that all you have?","empty that bag!" ,

Meanwhile, the bus driver just sped off independent of any bus stops along the way and the conductor sat still. In the end they collected all the money, cell phones, jewelry and stuff that they could get from the passengers. Ironically, the preacher stood up at the end and shouted.."Praise the Lord!".

The passengers were dropped off in the middle of no where and left to find their own way, grateful to still be alive


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