Monday, 3 September 2007

My Sister

She needed to get a new hair do and a manicure too,
suddenly her old shoes are not good enough and she must get new ones,
new shirts, may a blazer or two, skirt suits or trousers,
a new wallet.....anything new would do.

My sister resumed work today and i could just feel the excitement all around her as she walked around to ensure everything was in the right order; the make up, the clothes, the everything.

She wants to make a good impression, she even wants to be the employee of the year at the end of the financial year...She'd make new friends, impress her boss, everyone would love her.She is armed with dreams in one hand and aspirations in the other as she finally begins her journey into the corporate world (she'd done so many tests and interviews in the past 6 months after NYSC, i suggested she wrote a book on job interviews)

She could hardly sleep the night before...ironed her clothes till they came alive, polished her new shoes(again) , everything even her undies all had an inkling of the fact that something new was happening.
Am happy for my sister and so is every other member of the family and am hoping and praying in my heart that in the months that will follow, she will have neither regrets nor rueful feelings

My sister, this piece is dedicated to you and to you alone (my first dedication). I hope you enjoy your new place and make the best out of it because i believe it is going to be a stepping stone to greater things that lie ahead; and of course now that you'd be earning some cash, am really happy to be at the receiving end.


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