Monday, 26 April 2010

Choose never know

I've had a really stressful month with tight deadlines and seemingly impossible tasks, but God has been faithful. Only recently i asked Him to secretly increase the number of hours for me alone (maybe 29hrs instead of 24hrs?)lol. but then again, I might spend the greater part of it, making up for lost sleep. :)

Anyway, while driving home from work yesterday, I passed by a mad man. He looked really "fresh". You know, like those ones that have not been mad for too long- maybe a few days or so. He maintained the small corner where he sat, with a broom in his hands determined to sweep the sand off the earth. Seeing that the traffic light was still green, I kept looking and watched as people cleared off as they approached his area. Of course, nobody wanted to have any "quanta" with him.

As i looked at him closely, i wondered what he would look like if he was clean shaven and for a moment, i tried to imagine him looking like the rest of us, all tidied up and making conversation and you It was hard but i tried even harder....but i really could not picture him any other way.

The lights changed to green and as pushed the pedals, i thought about that man. What was it like when he was conceived? I can just imagine his mother, shyly announcing to his father, that she had missed her period. I can see the show of joy and jubilation as the nurses announces 'It's a boy!'. Was he the first of many children? Or the last? Or maybe one out of many? I can imagine the look on his mother's face as he takes his first steps and says his first words. Did she for a minute think he'd have turned out like this in the end? if she did could she have stopped it? But just how did the little cute baby boy become this man that everyone avoids because although his body is present, his mind is far far away in captivity.

Someone said that we are what we are by the choices that we have made. The truth is that there are somethings that we are not responsible for: our parents, or siblings, or nationality, or skin color, or sex, or physical make up etc. For instance, I wont blame you if you are from a broken home, but I'll blame you if your child is from a broken home. Yes I know you did not choose to be a woman, but does that mean you'll allow yourself to be second rated? True, you might have better advantages if you were an American or born in America but that's no excuse for being lazy and refusing to maximize your potential.

Be careful the choices you make today because they are the foundations of the results you'll see tomorrow.Everything that exists today is because someone chose to make it happen. Even the world and man. It was God that said "let us make" and they agreed to make.
Every good or bad and ash and tears
...pain and pleasure
is because someone chose to make it so.

Make the right choices, you never know who'll be affected by its results tomorrow.


P.S...Happy Birthday Topsie! You've inspired me in so many many ways. Have a beautiful year.


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