Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My Gabrielle...

I still remember the first contact we had
Funny thing was you were still within the protective "container" of your mum's womb
But you "kicked" and my hand was there expecting to feel you
And i did....
Oh! what a beautiful feeling

I remember the first time i saw a picture of you
It was an ultra-sound scan (yes it was!)
Immediately i set my eyes on it, i knew you'd be a girl
Although you were still about 5months then
But you already had a pose
(Talk about one classy foetus....lol)

Finally you came to us....after all the anxiety and faith-filled prayers
You came in all your beauty and grace

Gabrielle....beautiful name...you are a beauty to behold

I look at you and i see a beautiful girl
When i say beautiful, i mean a beautiful spirit and a beautiful body
Like a cornerstone polished after the resemblance of a palace

I can't wait to hold you and feel you in my arms...
Change your diapers (yes, anything for you)
Feed you and rock you to sleep (my best part)

I can't wait to make you smile
Or hear you chuckle
Or even your cries...

Gabrielle...The Lord is my strength
Gabrielle...My beautiful niece


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