Monday, 16 August 2010

Here and There....

Hey Y'all!

I hope you had a great weekend? Well, I did o... and I think I'll just give you a li'l bit of it.

Ok, Saturday was a close friend's introduction (the first start of the marriage process where the family members from either side are introduced to each other and intentions are officially known). It was fun for me especially because i had not been to a Yoruba introduction before. I made sure i took pictures and made notes of some of the things i saw and heard. It was cool sha....

Some of my family came around over the weekend too including my sweet baby niece whom i wrote about here. Its always so nice to have family over...the laughing, the jisting, catching always adds color (whether bright or dull colors...doesn't matter jor).

Anyway in the course of the weekend, i had reason to appreciate God's faithfulness over my life. Truth is, there are still things i have asked God for and not yet seen them physically manifested, yet there are others that i did not have to even talk about and he just gave me (after all, while we're still speaking, he has answered).

I look at my life....and in many ways, i see the fingers of God painting a beautiful picture. Sometimes with light brushes, sometimes with heavier strokes...sometimes with grey colors, other times with fuchsia pink or hot red or lemon green. But every time, i know that even though I cannot see and appreciate the full picture, i can be thankful for each individual stroke (or experience) that is gradually making the picture more stunning.

If you're reading this and wondering "What is happening to me?" "Why is my life in disarray?"...and you can't seem to understand why. Please be encouraged, God is working out something beautiful for you if you'll sit still and trust him to make you into something wonderful. He commanded light and order out of a chaotic, formless and void earth (what could be worse), he can make you beautiful too.

So today, I'm grateful...for a chance at life, for family that is irreplaceable, friends that really care and believe in me, for my own special someone and for you reading...I'm thankful that you stopped by.

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