Thursday, 25 March 2010

Just Sit Still

If I knew what would happen tomorrow or next week or next month....If I knew whether my book would be published, if the job would be mine, if the man I love so much would ask me to be his wife….

If I knew what the decision of that reputable school would be concerning my MBA application, if I’d have only daughters or only sons, if I’ll make more money than my parents….

It’s interesting that sometimes we feel that if knew what the next minute or hour or day or even month held, we’d do things a lot more differently.
I’ve often felt that life might have been easier if we knew the future but then again, they would be no surprises or coincidences or uncertainties…nothing to look forward to.

I learnt a valuable lesson recently and I’ll illustrate it in the same way it came to me. I thought about a mosaic maker working on his canvass, with his eyes fixed on the work, he pain stakingly places each tiny piece of tessare (colored glass or stone or broken shell) on the supporting surface. He carefully arranges piece after piece, various forms and unique colors to get the right angle, the right color mix and all the other rights, just so that the mosaic comes out right, just the same way he can see it in his mind’s eye. Eventually, after a while, the painting is finished and put out for display in the gallery along with all the others for everyone to admire and appreciate the uniqueness.

Now imagine that while he was working on the mosaic, the art (mosaic) got tired of sitting so still. It assumed that its maker was simply too slow and must be selfish to not allow it sit in the gallery with all the others (where stories about who looked better and who cost more, went around). So it twisted a little and turned and sighed and yawned and tapped its feet to imaginary music, trying to let its maker know-I’m tired of this. Where does it lead? When would it end? And the maker responds knowingly…just a bit more…you’re not ready yet…a few more precious stones and you’ll be the envy of the whole gallery.

But No! It can’t wait any longer, it just has to go and so jumps off…half finished…half support board-half mosaic. It finally makes it to the gallery and instead of being placed high up for all to see, it is picked up by the gallery keeper who says “This one is not finished yet and cannot be in the gallery, I’ll just hide it somewhere in the dark alley. I’ll decide what to do after the show is over”. The half mosaic screams in shock, twisting and turning in the keeper’s hands. But that only makes him tighten his hold on the art and throws it into the dark alley. With tears running down the little art's eyes, it hears as the door is slammed shut!

Ok, maybe that was a bit exaggerated. But those were my thoughts. Sometimes we feel God is being too slow to act on our desires. Sometimes we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and so we feel we should just run off on our own instead of holding on to God’s unchanging hands. The truth is that God can make a master piece out of the broken pieces of our situations, challenges, issues and even our entire lives.

So the lesson I learnt – is to sit still and let God paint me into the me he wants me to be. To allow him be creative, to work his magic with each stone(challenge) and each broken shell (the issues)and bring me forth as a beauty for creation to marvel and rejoice.

You know what? You should let him too!


  1. The half mosaic cried to be let go, and the Maker didn't want to cause more pain so He let it go. Reminds of the story of the prodigal son. The first paragraph really inspired me as I am also sitting patiently and waiting...

    Pls allow me to list this on my side-bar as my favorite post for the day :)

  2. Thanks Jaycee...I really appreciate the comment..and yes list it on your side bar...or anywhere else..:)

  3. Inspirational...

    A vital lesson i needed to learn..again

  4. @Ibo Dude: Thanks. We keep learning...

  5. You've taught me a great lesson for the month.

    Thanks and keep it up.

  6. This is nothing but the truth. Its just a little hard to bear when one wears the pinching shoes.

  7. sometimes we feel we are ready to be displayed but in God's eyes, He knows we are not. He knows us more than we know ourselves and will always give us that breakthrough we yearn for at the right time. i will quickly share this scripture with you guys- Isaiah 62:3 says the Lord will hold you in His hands for all to see, a splendid crown(i prefer a royal diadem)in the hand of your God.
    @ favour's heart -thanks 4 the post, it really ministered to me
    @ jaycee thanks 4 listing the post on your side bar.

  8. ...and i keep wondering wot's wrong with us, we know this, we are reminded every now and then, as this post has done once again......but we keep thinking, i know God's working on me, but i don't want to leave out the things i should be doing or that is expected of me......and so we do this, and that and that again, anxious about getting it right every step of the way, until it all overwhelms us again.
    And i hear him still and know that i am God, My spirit is there to help you, to show you where u need to do certain things and don't be scared bout making mistakes, He's not a taskmaster, he'll correct you in love....u are my SON. Selah

  9. U com check my heart before you write this thing ni?
    You spoke right through and I was touched. I think I have been impatient with God lately. It seem as though he's too slow. Things aint working the way I want them to. Thanks for the heads up. I'd solve the rest on my knees.

    Great blog. New here. Jaycee recommended you, so I came. Not disappointed at all :)

    - LDP

  10. You did well with this post.It speaks well and has reached out to me..
    First time here.

  11. Hmm! Stumbled on ur blog from Topsie's and am going to add it to the blogs i don't miss.
    I read "30 years... and counting" and really got refreshed by ur style though, i initially didn't want to post any comment.But after reading "my phone o!" and now this one, am forced to drop these lines to really say u are too much! Keep it up!

    Now i will take my time to read other posts as well.

  12. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the comments. Please stop by again...
    @Harry: Yes indeed, He is God...

    @Gbenga: His grace is sufficient for us

    @Rainjoy: Thanks for sharing that verse..

    @Ikuseru: Really, he's no task master...why do we forget that so easily.

    @LDP: lol.Thank God it ministered to you. Sometimes we compare God to man.

    @Doll: Thanks

    @Sosexy: Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for dropping a comment

    @Royal Prince: Thank you so much for stopping by to read more than one post. I really appreaciate it.

  13. "...sit still and let God..." for as someone said, 'tis all for 'more' with God and never for 'less'. Yet still, i often fidget while i ought to sit still.

    Sit i shall......patiently still too.



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