Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Phone O!

Today, my phone was stolen and i've been so sad about the loss...but what can i do? I decided to dedicate this to my phone (even if you think i'm silly) and i'll be letting you know soon the kind of phone i'll be needing (just maybe one of you'll see how lonely i've become without my old phone, and buy me the new one) :)

Here goes....

Oh, my phone!

You came to me almost 3 years ago as a gift from my brother. At that time, i really needed you seeing that the one i had had gone "blind".

All through the years you were there with me....helping me reach out, communicate, record memories and even psyched me into thinking i was a good singer ( you captured my voice too!)

For a while, you were all i had and even when some other one came along, i still treasured you and let you maintain that special place in my heart.

It was you who showed me messages that made me cry...texts that made me laugh...and with you i heard the voices of the people i love....and sometimes voices of people you brought to me in error.

There were times when i loathed the sight of you because i felt hurt by someone and did not want you to be the go-between....

Oh, my dear phone! If only i had known that you'd be taken away from me so soon, i'd have taken drastic measures to preserve your memories...the pictures, sounds, videos, messages, contacts....everything!

I'm truely going to miss you....and i know it'll be hard but i'll pull through on my own. All i have left is my earpiece...and i'll keep it in memory of you.

I just wanted to say thank you for yourcommitment and strength and for being there all thse times you ....and as you go into a new world, i hope you find happiness and joy. I hope your new owner treats you even better because, you are special kind.



  1. This is hilarious!!!

  2. you are confused made me laugh my head

  3. eeya!!! a moment in silence for the beloved!! musta been kind of painful...ur pics n all.....but hey,u're still on ur way,new memories still to be made...

  4. Abi its ur fone that found its way into my hands, no wahala, trust me i'll take good care of it.
    The guy sold it to me for N3,500 tought it was expensive sef. lol
    Anyhow, i think i'll need the earpiece!
    Ur BB is on the way.....Desh u hear?

  5. @Deji: I'm not confused o..Whats dat?
    @Odigwe: Which is kolo in the mata na?
    @Toyin: Yes ma'am...Is the Lord saying something to you?
    @Nike: Thanks luv.
    @Ak: O serious sha...Oya come and take the earpiece lemme see you. I'm waiting for the BB...though it tarry....

  6. 5310 simply slim and cute, am using it for the second time. Though, 'tis time to change, 'tis pretty difficult to find one with more contemporary functions and also slim and cute.

    Oh, 5310....



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