Saturday, 6 March 2010

And so i say

Sometimes I get so caught up in myself that I forget to be grateful for the little things that make the most impact. Today, I had an appointment in the hospital that left me feeling immensely glad for the gift of life. On my way to the particular clinic i was referred to, i passed by a psychiatric hospital and saw as a man was being taken in, bound hand and foot. I could not help starring at the scene, just like so many other people around me.
And so i say...
Thank you God for mental health...that i can think rationally and come up with ideas...that there are no strange voices in my head telling me what to do...

Eventually i got to the clinic and I saw people with diverse forms of diseases (and i thought i had issues), women and even babies.It was a depressing experience.
And so i say...Thank you God for a healthy body...that i can move around and walk all on my own...that i can sweat...and even use the loo at will.

I know lots of young people "hustling" all on their own.No brothers or sisters, no family to lean on for support or help. People who do not know the joy of a close knit family
And so i say...Thank you God for my family...father, mother, brother and sisters...that i have shoulders to cry on and faces to smile with...that i can share childhood memories and look back at times past...that i constantly communicate with and get the support i need

Everywhere in the city of Lagos, there are beggars; genuine and not so genuine, people crawling around, begging for food to eat or water to drink
And so i say...Thank you God for food and water...and ice-cream and pizza...and soups and stews...and yogurt and all the other lovely things i can eat and drink

There are friends and there are friends. Some take you up, others take you along and some can take you down if you do not choose right.
And so i say...Thank you God for strategic friends you've placed around me...people that are ready to set me right when i start to derail...people that can hold me up in prayer...people that care enough to listen when i want to "blab"...and for my S.O...for giving me someone to laugh with, cry with (or cry by), eat with, play with and share time with...

There's so much else that i'm grateful for...even for the fact that i can blog (silly right?). But its not something i take for granted cos there are still thousands of people out there who do not know what a computer is much less the internet...not to talk of blogging.

Today, i'm taking out time to thank God for giving me the grace to keep on living inspite of everything. I might not be exactly where i planned to be but i'm not where i used to be.
Afterall, we may throw the dice but God determines what the outcome would be.

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  1. ...and afterall is said and done, what more can we say....Thank you Lord



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