Wednesday, 3 March 2010

You can fly!

So much has happened....wheew! It's good to be back here again. I've been so busy in the past few weeks. Its just been from one thing to the other. At some point i had to tell myself that i simply needed to take a break...just disconnect myself from everything...and everyone (Ok, maybe not everyone). But yours truely was beginning to lose focus of my own personal goals and busy struggling to make everyone else happy. Somewhere along the line, I learnt (from a colleague) that at the end it all comes down to need to be the midst of ensuring that everyone else is fine, it is important that you find time for yourself...take some time out to make "you" happy.

Anyway, i was reading a book recently and something i learnt i want to share with you.
I'm sure we've all heard a thing or two...or three...or even four or more about the eagle.

  • Its wing spans up to 7 feet (and you thought you were so tall) : Of course when you see the bird perched on a tree, you'll never guess how wide its wings can reach (wider than the height of most men). Don't die with the potential you carry. Let your potential carry you.
  • It flies higher than almost any other birds, up to 10,000 feet : I'm sure that from that distance it can artfully guage the location of its prey and mount a strategic attack. making it impossible to miss its target.
  • It glides easily at up to 2400 feet altitude : This shows its ability to rise above life's demands and difficulties. Irrespective of the pressures around...or the excuses, it can rise above them.
  • It moves at about 150 miles an hour : Wow! That's faaassst. It makes no sense to an eagle to "float" around lazily or waste precious time doing what will not profit it. Instead it speeds through its daily work, maximizing the day and getting work done quickly so that it can get a well -deserved rest
  • It rises up early before most birds: The importance of rising early cannot be over emphasized. Those early moments when you can communicate with your the still and quiet of the morning. When your mind is still clear and unperturbed. When you can actively make plans and put down thoughts.
  • An eagle can carry objects even heavier than it is: No task is undauting. Thereis nothing it can not take on if it has to. Afterall...God does not give us more than we can bear (No matter how hard you think it is; if you're going through it now then you have what it takes to get over it.
Today, choose to be an eagle...choose to stand out...don't settle for less tan you are. There is potential within you...throw your wings open and fly...keep flying higher and higher until you can touch the sun!

There was so much i learnt from the book but i'll stop here now. Yeah, cos i have to get back to what i get paid for.

Everytime you're faced with anything...remember the eagle and say.
I can fly...I will!


  1. Wow, this is cool.

  2. This is absolutely rich. Sometimes I can never stop thinking about how richly God has endowed the eagle and if He has created us higher than they are, then we have not indeed realized how much He has endowed us with.
    Well done sis!!!

  3. Thanks Deji. I appreciate the comment.

  4. ...will always remember the eagle, it "...can carry objects even heavier than it..."



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