Wednesday, 20 June 2007

My water broke!

O.k this was supposed to be my first post ever.....but the force working against it (awon aje) just didnt let it come out when it ought to.

But any way i decided to publish it to the shame of the devil! Amen!

Yes, indeed! My water finally broke. The water breaking experience is one that every woman has to go through before the birth of her new-born.It lets her know that the baby is ready to arrive.So where do i come in?My water of planning and cogitating broke some hours ago and my little is born.Did i hear congratualation? Thank you.

But then with the birth of a baby comes the task of giving the baby a suitable name and this particular mother(yours truly) was not an exception. i thought and pondered , i wanted my baby to have the ideal name that would reflect the reason why it was born.....and then it came, the name-heartspeak.I appraised it,turned it around and figured out it could be looked at in two ways(depending on how sharp u are),heart's peak or heart speak.

However both meanings translate the reason for the birth of this baby.Here, i'll be sharing the bursting issues on the peak of my heart and it'll also be a spot for one heart to speak to another.

In summary though, i'll say thanks for showing up for my baby's naming ceremony and thanks for coming.................Welcome to Heartspeak!!

Watch Out!


  1. Welcome to blogsville Ogochukwu. I believe you'll enjoy it here. Looking forward to reading from you.

  2. thanks Tayo, i know am going to enjoy it here...



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