Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Oh My!!

"When you go to cover up a pimple, choose a concealer that perfectly matches your skin. Then use your finger, not the wand (you don't want to contaminate the product with bacteria from your pimple). Blend in then dust loose powder over the area. Voila!"

I read that somewhere today in an article about how to cover up your pimple (am sure you've guessed the reason why i settled to read it).

One thing i get fascinated by each time i wonder about its origination from time immemorial to what it has become today is "make-ups'. Yep, you heard me alright. The lipstick, the eye-brow pencil, the lip-gloss, the foundation, the lip liner, the concealer......the list is endless with new additions every time.

The average woman, irrespective of race, color, size or age has an innate desire to look good and attractive constantly(men too). We want to always be the cynosure of every eye ; we want to look like the women on the cover pages of those magazines whom we envy so much.....

Am sitting somewhere right now and am watching women walk pass me.....all kinds of women (am telling you ); and each one has a form of make-up on or the other.....the well plucked eye brows, the very glossy lips, the heavily powdered face.....all just trying to portray the same "I look good" image.

But that's only on the outside.How about on the inside.....?We can conceal that spot or pimple or whatever we choose to call it ,while we are aching, hurting and in total distress on the inside.We try to cover it up and look good so that no one know what we are going through ; so that no one sees us as being weak or as being not being capable enough to handle our we bury it (or that's what we hope happens) and smile,do the "hello-hi" call and response cliche. So we succeed and no one knows.......but that does not solve it, does it?

The plain truth is we really can not walk around revealing the intensity of our problems as expressions on our faces, can we? (the world would be such a ''drabby" place to live in)....But sometimes it reveals itself in our attitude at a particular time.We snap at the slightest provocation, shout at the slightest mistake and react without even thinking............To Be Continued

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