Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My Birthday!!

Very early this morning, i took out time to look back over the past 365 days of my life and indeed there were blessings to be counted....someone asked me what i was most grateful for and after thinking about it i said

"I'm grateful for the gift of life; to love and be loved".

When i say life, i don't mean just being able to breathe but also being able to relate with my environment, have friends, move around, laugh, smile, frown sometimes....you know i read a story of a man who had an illness and all that was left of the life in his body was the ability to move an eyebrow!

I can't imagine being in such a situation. As grateful as i am for the gift of life in my body, I'm also grateful for life in my soul; for the ability to reason, to analyze stuff rationally, to make decisions, even to change my mind. I'm sure the people that are usually sent to psychiatric care have some issues with rational life in their mind. But i'm fine and so far no one has complained about that(i hope)

But above all these is the gift of life in the Spirit.

To know that i have a heritage that outlives the number of years I'll spend here on earth.

To know that i have a relationship with He who makes the earth his footstool.

To know that the One who put the stars in place yet knows the number of hair on my head.

Hmmm....i'm grateful that i can love and be loved. that i can appreciate the fine things of life, that i have people who are there for me(who i can call at whatever time of the day or night). Finally, I'm grateful that today , the world over will also celebrate the inauguration of one of the men whose story will go down in history just like those before him. So to all of you that share today with me....I'm saying "Its your best year yet..." Plenty plenty love from here.Alrighty, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day!

P.S Many thanks to all those who did not let me have my usual night rest...i guess it's only happens once in a year,right?

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!......loving this blogspot ma, thanks!



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