Thursday, 14 January 2010

These precious seeds

Sow righteousness, reap love. It's time to till the ready earth; it's time to dig in with GOD, until he arrives with righteousness ripe for harvest. (Hosea 10: 12 MSG)

It's my observation that those who plow evil and sow trouble reap evil and trouble. (Job 4:8 MSG)

"Flowers will not grow in a bed of stones…" I have kept this phrase in my heart for a while now. I can’t really recall what book I culled it from. But I can say for sure that it keeps popping up and around my head every once in a while. Truthfully, it has helped my decision making more than once especially at times when all I want to do is indulge myself (what the heck!).

Hosea speaks about sowing righteousness and reaping love. Hmmm….looking closer, you’ll find out that true righteousness is embedded in love. You cannot claim to be righteous until you are living the love life. It’s just like sowing acorns and reaping an oak tree. The thing is, the oak tree was always hidden in the acorn seed but until the acorn was put to use, the oak tree could not be seen. This is so straight forward. Take me for example, I have a very “beautiful” skin (Yeah…I’m wonderfully made) and I react to certain foods….and sometimes, they are foods that I like – or call them guilty pleasures. However, sometimes, it’s not too difficult to hide from those around the fact that I have been eating “something” cos all the tell tale signs are clear for all to see. In the same manner, even when you show love in the secret…or in a dark corner (notice I said show love, not make love), or even in the most unlikely places….it won’t be long before everyone begins to “see” the fruits of love you’ve sown. Also note that you don’t have to expect to reap from the same exact spot where you sowed. The Bible says “…the earth is the Lord’s…Psalm 241” and God the chief farmer…or the “olorioko” (as the Yoruba people call him), and he can choose to let the harvest come from any part of the earth…after all, it is his!

In exactly the same vein, Job observed that if you plow and sow trouble, the harvest would be made up of evil and trouble. Thinking about it, I wonder why anyone would want to exert energy “plowing” and “sowing” trouble. I’m sure it’ll require a lot of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional energy/vigor. And yet the reward is still more trouble. If you ask me, it’s TOTALLY not worth it.

The real question is …WHAT ARE YOU SOWING RIGHT NOW….this second, this minute, this hour, today, this week, this month and even this year? Don’t forget that it’ll come back to you in leaps and bounds….If you’re sowing the right things, you’ll be the better for it when the harvest shows up. And if you’re sowing the wrong things…you’ll totally be the worse for it.

Your seed can be anything from the tangible…to the intangible (yes, your thoughts, your motives, your actions…are seeds!)

So no matter how hard they try, flowers will not grow in a bed of stones…they’ll be choked to death…not worth the struggle for them. If you were a flower, would you….?


  1. Inspirational stuff, although I beg to differ on the relationship between a love life and righteousness.A lo of people these days don't know what true love is. Love in the spirit,not flesh. Love I'm afraid has become overated

  2. Wow!!! i especially love this "Flowers will not grow in a bed of stones…"

    You know the funny thing, God never change and 'tis a given that we always reap what we sow but, getting through the sowing period is oftentimes tasking.

    We can only remember His grace is always sufficient for us even in the sowing times.



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