Thursday, 13 September 2007

The cat in the bag

'..Let the cat out of the bag before it turns into a lion.."

i heard a woman say this a couple of days ago on the Tyra Banks show and i ended up turning and twisting and pondering these words almost my whole day through.I remember growing up as a little girl under the disciplinary hands of my parents (thank God!) and the one thing my father would always remind us of was that there was a whole lot more trouble in store for us if we lied than if we told the truth.

There was no peace for lieing and the freedom you think it brings is virtual and only lasts for fleeting moment. I remember him saying once that he would be ready to defend any of his kids for whatever crime we commit if we'd tell him truth of what happened.But you know kids would always be kids and even though i heard all those sermons, sometimes it just seemed like that moment of freedom bought by lies was worth more than being scolded after telling the truth.Thinking about it,i came up with different reasons why people lie... cover up the truth (obviously the basic reason) protect themselves from being hurt 9or so they think) protect others from being hurt cover shame and avoid disgrace (what about in the long run) avoid being looked down upon or being rejected

am sure you can come up with so many other reasons in addition to those.
The truth of the matter is that no matter how wonderful and well thought of or properly concealed that lie is, the truth would always find a way out, it might be from that tiny hole in the wall, but it'll eventually rise to the surface.i heard something about a man who didn't know until he was about 60yrs or so that the woman he thought was his sister was actually his mother and the woman he always called mother was actually his grandmother (what!!).

By the time he found out, both mother and grandmother were dead even though the originators were long gone, the truth never died.
Back to the cat and lion thing, lies can only work effectively as they are duplicated and multiply but then, the harder you try to create more lies to cover the one that "begat" that one, the more complicated it becomes and the more entangled you remain in the be continued

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  1. Hi Ogo,

    Simple but profound truth. A child once said a lie is "an ever present help in time of need".

    I think it takes courage to speak the truth at all times.

    Looking forward to the conclusion.





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