Tuesday, 6 April 2010

30 Years...and counting

So my parents clocked 30 years of "for better for worse" today. For them it’s been 30 long years of love and war, of smiles and tears and of hope and despair. I have watched them through my own 20-something years and I have observed that the younger generation still has so much to learn about the true meaning of marital commitment and staying true to the one you promised to love till death do you part.

Its been a rosy ride (yep, cos roses have thorns) and i can remember particular incidences that made me ask questions at those times. But still those two stayed together...sometimes like glue and sometimes like gum and sometimes it might as well have been water holding them, but they stayed.

My parent’s children (including yours truly) are all grown up and away from home now and so the house is back to the way it was some 30 years ago before the intruders came in, before the bills increased, before the sound of laughter or cries or music blasting could be heard from afar off, before time changed everything…the house is now occupied with the original two people, now with more grey hair, now with more wrinkles, now not as active as before (especially in disciplining children) and now better listeners.

Only recently, my mum wanted the recipe for "chin-chin" (Y'all know what that is, right?). She called to ask for it saying it’s been ages since she had to do any kind of pastry making (not quite her fault, seeing she has 4 daughters). My sister and I jokingly recommended that she mixed the dough while her husband cut it up into small shapes for her to fry. The image of them sweating it out left me in stitches.

And that’s how this post was born.

So today I’m dedicating this piece to my folks. I don’t know if they’ll ever get to read this or if they’ll ever know I even wrote this but I want to say thank you

~ for staying together

~for showing me that marriage is not convenience but a commitment

~for teaching me the joy of family

~for not holding back the rod from me (i'd have turned out really terrible..i'm sure!)

~for letting me know that home is more than a location, it’s a place I can be myself and be accepted the way I am

~for making my worries yours and reminding me that you’re there

I know it might sound like a cliché but if I have to come back to earth again after i'm gone…I’d ask for this same set of parents (well maybe with more money especially…lol)

So i'll sing like Style Plus "...30 years don waka...dem stil dey carry go, nobody waka nobody go solo...papa God o, their case o, na your grace o...Imela eh"


  1. Congrats to your parents. I pray you go that long and even more in Jesus' name :)

    - LDP

  2. Happy Anniversary to your folks girl!

  3. Awwww...
    This is so touching! I pray for many more happy years for them in their union and same for the new generation about to take the same vows..

  4. big congrats to them..... ds site is beatiful. welldone.

  5. @LDP: Thanks...and Amen to that o!
    @Jaycee, sosexy: Thanks dearies
    @Caspen, Boocie: Thanks a lot...and an even bigger thanks for stopping by.

  6. congrats to your parents ,thas nice,thanks for coming to my blog,cheers

  7. thats so cute, wishing them loads more years together

  8. Hmm...very nice article, and apt, i must say. It took sooo much compromise for them to have stayed together through the decades. I hope you're learning and engaging your decision to stay committed too o!

  9. @gidiasianbabe : Thanks.

    @rayo: Amen o!

    @Sis T: About the compromise thing...so true! I've learnt and i'm still learning too o...Thanks for leaving a comment.

  10. umm congrat to your parent

  11. Aww this is so sweet! Congrats to your parents, I think parents that model a good marriage for their children are priceless!

  12. Belated anniversary wishes but I just had to say it still. This post brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks for sharing.

    ps, when is the next post? Thanks for blog rolling with me.

  13. congrats to your parents! we need more inspiring stories of successful marriages like these to remind us that it is possible to have a happy home.

  14. Very well written, nothing needs adding. It is simply complete.

    Yet still, cannot but, single out "...that marriage is not convenience but a commitment...". Many in our generation need to have this as a 'foreward' as we continue to take those vows to 'walk' the rest of our journeies together.



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