Monday, 9 August 2010

Apples & Blackberries - Fruits or .....

Hey Everyone....I'm sooooooo sorry I've not updated in the past....3months?!??! I didn't even think I could ever go so long without blogging. But then never really know what you're capable of until the opportunity presents itself. I have been really busy (I'm sure you're thinking - who hasn't) and I have let some things take the place of others. But i promise not to let this happen again. Interestingly, in the midst of all of these....I never stopped doing my blog rounds. 

Now this phrase caught my attention recently...
"Life was much easier simpler when apples and blackberries were just fruits".

I stole the phrase from a friend's facebook status (she stole it from her sister's wall - who knows how many other stealings have been involved here). Anyway, it got me thinking and pondering. These days, everywhere you turn to its one social networking site or the other.... Facebook, Twitter....and all the other ones. I recently heard of Yarn Pad - a certain Naija networking site (yeah, you can check it out). As a result its getting increasingly difficult to relate with people face-to-face. After all you already "poked" them on facebook or "buzzed" their yahoo messenger or "pinged" their BB Messenger. You forget you've not visited any of your friends because you've "seen" them already and because they have posted all their recent pictures and tagged you, you are deceived into thinking you know whats happening with them.

You know what I think? I'll tell you.
I think that after a while, it'll get even more difficult for people to hold meaningful conversations at gatherings - social or otherwise....even marriages will be affected...after "meeting" the girl on facebook and "in boxing" her and "writing on her wall" and "tagging" her to some of your exciting photos, she falls for you and starts "poking" you and "(re)tweeting" everything you say/do. Then you get married and realize that you never really knew each other...Reminds me of a song by Essence ft Jaywon called "Facebook Love" - If you've not already listened to it...then you should (maybe). In the story, he realized that the photos she was pasting on her wall/profile was not really her. They decided to meet and ....well let me leave you to imagine what happened.

I also have made friends with people that I have never met or seen except in the virtual world...and no doubt these people add value to me in one way or the other. 

I just wonder what the world would be like in another 20years or so....would  face-to-face contacts, physical contacts...handshakes, hugs etc still have any value? Would people just be content with "meeting" online? Would there come a time when we would become comfortable with virtual relationships....maybe marriages would even be conducted online (it'll be cheaper no

Even with all the opportunities and breakthroughs that have come as a result of improved technology -I mean who would have thought a time would come when someone in the UK can communicate to someone in Nigeria in  few minutes without telephones....I can say we are indeed a blessed generation, yet i still say that 
"Life was simpler when Apples and Blackberries were just fruits". 

What do you think? I wanna know

Shout Outs: To all those who made sure I found my way back to this blog (Jaycee, LDP, Shola, Myne)....who reminded me to update....and who probably were not willing to give up on me....Thank You!!! You make it worthwhile being in blogsville...

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